I feel like there is a trend on tumblr, with girls trying to find quick remedies for things like weight loss, hair growth, nail growth and what not.

Dont believe what you read. They’re not true.

For hair growth and nail growth: take biotin (a vitamin) and try essential oils or castor oil (google how to use it for your hair type). STOP using store products with chemicals because it will ruin your hair. Stop using heat products because it will ruin your hair. Nothing will make your hair grow “really fast” unless thats just how your hair typically grows. 

For clearer skin: Stop and i mean STOP using store bought products. The more you wash your face the drier it gets bc water dries out your skin. If you want to clean your makeup, use water with sea salt. Make your own face masks with products such as avocado, cucumbers, brown sugar etc (you can find a lot of good remedies on google for your skin type). 

For weight loss: Eat healthy. And eat a lot. Dont think that if you eat one burger all day you will lose weight. There is nothing you can do to lose weight fast (unless its water weight which you will gain right back) other than eating really healthy. Exercising helps too but you have to be consistent and you have to weight train. Nothing else will work.

Please girls educate yourselves before you decide to do something that will harm your health or your appearances. 

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Posted on Saturday, 2 March
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